It’s almost SUMMER TIME!!

Mother’s Day was a huge success this past weekend here at Lagoon Pontoons!! A lot of people came out, rented a boat and had an amazing time!! We here in Panama City Beach caught a glimpse of how this summer will be. It was so busy out at Shell Island this weekend. There were pontoon boats everywhere on Shell Island. People were having an amazing time. There were huge groups of people playing around on the Double Decker Pontoons. Those boats are something else. There is only one place in Panama City Beach where you are able to rent these awesome boats and that is at Lagoon Pontoons! These boats can hold up to 16 people and have two decks, two water slides, comfortable seating and are so much fun for all ages. The kids as well as the adults will absolutely love taking a trip out on these pontoon boats. If the Double Decker Party Barges do not sound like something you would want to do then Lagoon Pontoons also has standard pontoon boats. All of our pontoon boats are really nice. We keep them all in very good condition. Our standard pontoon boats can hold up to 12 people and we have two different options for these boats. We have a 50 Horsepower and a 90 Horsepower, we usually suggest the 90HP if you have a large group or just like to go fast. These pontoons are nice especially if you want to be able to explore as much of Shell Island as you possibly can.

Double Decker

Summer time is almost here! Only 16 more days until school is out in Panama City and we are definitely ready! The water is getting warmer and clearer everyday. If you are interested in renting one of our pontoon boats this summer, you should call and reserve soon because we do book up really fast.

The dolphins were also super active this past weekend. They were everywhere out there at Shell Island and all over St. Andrews Bay. We also offer jet ski adventure tours and swim with the dolphins Boat tours. Both of these tours offer such an adventurous and exciting way to be able to explore all the cool places on Shell Island and be able to see the wild dolphins up close. Snorkeling has been really good lately also! When you go snorkeling out there at Shell Island is it very common to find all kind of sea creatures. Some of the most common things that you will find are sea shells, sand dollars, starfish, sea urchins and hermit crabs! Not to mention all the cool fish that can be seen swimming in the grass flats and along the jetty rocks. The water over on Shell Island is so beautiful for snorkeling.  The next time you take a vacation down to the World’s most beautiful beaches, be sure to look us up to rent your Pontoon Boat, Double Decker, Party Barge, book a Dolphin Tour, on jet ski or boat and go swim with the dolphins! We would love to have you this summer!!13179102_491339187657656_8489185105469281265_n13164369_491339194324322_263233356497489421_nWE CAN’T WAIT TO GET YOU AND YOUR FAMILY OUT ON THE WATER!!