It’s a great time to be FISHING!

Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend and you know what your Mom would love… go out on a Pontoon Boat fishing with her family.

It is shaping up to be a fantastic month for fishing! The water temps are being recorded consistently at about 70 degrees, the clarity of the water is improving more every day and the fish are biting! Several migratory species have already moved into the area. Pompano and redfish are biting off the beach and piers. Over by the jetty rocks the sheepshead can be caught with live shrimp.  The Spanish Mackerel are running through the bay and are a good option if you enjoy trolling.

Renting a pontoon boat is so much fun when you want to go fishing on your own schedule. You can rent one of our really nice, new pontoon boats. Load up on your coolers, bait, fishing gear and just go out for the whole day cruising around fishing all over the bay.  The weather has been perfect lately for fishing. Nice and cool early in the morning, with the waters being calm and smooth. The wind normally picks up in the afternoon but by then you are ready for a breeze. So bring MOM out to Lagoon Pontoons and have your next fishing adventure!!

Don’t worry if Mom doesn’t like to fish, you can always rent a pontoon boat to go over to Shell Island. Shell Island is an uninhabited island that is so beautiful to explore. You can anchor your pontoon boat in knee deep water and explore the island at your leisure. Collect sea shells and sand dollars, snorkel around and look at the sea life, even fish off the shore.  Keep your eyes out for dolphins as well. The bay is full of dolphins and nothing makes a trip more memorable than a dolphin sighting. Have a great Mother’s Day Weekend!!