The origins of Jet Skis

Jetski is a trademark name of a personal watercraft which is also known as a water scooter. It is a personal recreational water based vehicle that features an on-board engine that uses a jump jet to thrust the vehicle forward by utilizing a screw shaped propeller. In order to be classified as jet ski, the personal watercraft needs to be less that 13′ in length and is considered a jet boat if it’s longer. Jetskis can be bought at affordable rates but but typically are rented from places such as Flippers Dolphin Tours, Panama City Beach Jet Ski Rental company.

Personal watercrafts were originally developed in Europe throughout the 1950s. In it’s early development, early models such as Vincent Armada and German Wave Roller, began gaining popularity and was eventually known worldwide, as thousands of Jetskis were exported through out the United States, Europe and Australia by the end of the 1950s. During the 1960-1970s there were many significant improvements that increased the overall functionality of the Jetski. During the 1960s, an American motocross enthusiasts by the name of Clayton Jacobson II coined an idea of utilizing a pump jet rather than the traditional outboard motor. He continuously kept contemplating the idea until he finally quit his banking position in order to dedicate all his time and energy into developing a prototype.

Eventually Clayton’s work paid off and in 1971, 6 years from the development of his prototype, he entered into an agreement with a manufacturer called Kawasaki, selling off his patent to them 1 day after his license with Bombardier ended. With the Kawasaki backing him, he was able to develop a stand-up personal watercraft which they branded as ‘Jetskis’. Since it’s first introduction by Kawasaki, the basics of what a Jetski is and how it operates has remained mostly unchanged with the exceptions of a few new and improved variations.

Since it’s initial introduction during the 1950s, people have always found Jetskis to be interesting, some even consider it a necessity if going on a beach trip. Before Jetskis, in order to enjoy a ride in the water, there were no options except for boats. The problems with boats are that they are relatively slow and required a high level of skill and knowledge about it’s operation. When Jetskis came about, this changed the water based vehicle scene indefinitely, as beach goers were now able to easily enjoy a water based ride without the need for knowing how to properly operate a boat or having to resort to spending a large amount of money to experience a water based ride in the form of a boat rental. Now you can easily find affordable Jetski rentals at places such as our Panama City Beach Jet Ski Rental company.