The Bottle-Nose Dolphins of the Gulf Coast

The Bottle-Nose Dolphins of the Gulf Coast

The dolphins of the Gulf Coast are a specific breed characterized by their short nose and sloped forehead that is reminiscent of a bottle. There scientific name is Tursiops Truncatus, but they are better known as bottle-nose dolphins. These delightfully playful and intelligent creatures are the most common sea dwelling mammal in the region. As a result, many people flock to beaches year round to see this amazing creatures. The Panama City Beach dolphins are among the most popular, and their presence attracts many visitors to the area each year.

Basics on Bottle-Nose Dolphins

The average bottle-nose dolphin can grow up to ten feet long. Their inquisitive looking short head is mostly grey that becomes dark purple towards their back. These mammals prefer warm waters, and they frequent parts of Florida and Texas. Thus, the Panama City Beach dolphins are just a small part of the overall population that can extend across the entire southern portion of the U.S.’s coast line.

Dolphins are social animals that live groups called pods that can be as small as fifteen or as large as a hundred! The entire pod will work together to hunt, feed, raise young, and thwart any enemies. Most will eat any kind of sea animal in the area in which they live. They can feed on up to seventy pounds of fish a day! Many have figured out that following fishing boats is a good way to eat their fill for the day too. Dolphins are highly perceptive creatures that know how to find food anywhere from shallow waters to deeper depths.

If you wish to visit the Panama City Beach dolphins, then consider taking a cruise along the coastline. Dolphins may get close to the shore if they do not sense danger. However, you are more likely to see them when aboard a boat. These are not shy animals, and do not be surprised if they approach you. Bottle-nose dolphins are some of the most beautiful creatures in the Gulf Coast region, and Panama City is a great place to spot them.