Snorkel Shell Island

The weather has been warming up out there at Shell Island and the snorkeling has been getting super awesome! Shell Island is a local hot spot that people love to explore while they are visiting Panama City Beach on their vacation or if they live here. Snorkeling over on Shell Island is one of the greatest things to do around the beach. The snorkeling is so much fun! You can see all kind of wildlife, such as sting rays, sea urchins, starfish, sand dollars and several different types of fish. One of my favorite spots to snorkel is most definitely Shell Island. Especially around the jetty rocks, there always seems to some really cool fish that hang out around the rocks.  The other really awesome thing about Shell Island are the bottle nose dolphins that love to hang out around the Island. This time of year the dolphins are everywhere! They are super active and it is even common to see baby dolphins around the bay this time of year.

Our two hour swim with the dolphins boat tour is sure to be the highlight of any family vacation!!  Pack your coolers and hop aboard. Our excellent Captains will take you out over to Shell Island and find those dolphins. All of the snorkeling equipment is included in this trip and our Captains know all the best places to take you snorkeling. Our Captains will even try to get you in the water swimming with the dolphins!! This is a really cool experience that is sure to make everyone in the family smile. Book online or give us a call to reserve your next Dolphin Encounter!!! We would love to get you out on the water.