Time To Swim With Dolphins

Have you ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins in warm tropical water? Did you ever watch the TV show Flipper growing up and imagine what it would be like to enter the water with such a beautiful creature? Have you ever been to or seen a sea creature show in which dolphins leaped out of the water majestically and dived through hoops, spraying water out through their blowhole while they’re at it? Well now your dream can become reality if you decide to come down to Panama City, FL and launch off on a dolphin cruise.

Dolphin cruises, are a little like whale watching cruises in that you can ride a boat out in the open water and view dolphins leaping out of the water. You will want to make sure you have your camera handy to capture the sights of the cruise, because these will be memories that you will want to keep handy for all times. The kinds of dolphin tours you can take usually include waverunner tours, and slower boating tours.

Waverunner tours are similar to driving a jet ski, it’s a fast watercraft that sits two people that you can speed through the water on while following your guide. These are geared towards people who love a thrill while watching the dolphins, and can be ideal for couples on vacation. Keep in mind that operators of waverunners must meet the Florida state law requirements to operate these craft. It’s always a good idea

For dolphin tours that involve taking the whole family, we recommend going on larger boats with more room. These tours in addition to taking you out into the deep waters and islands around the coast, may also let you snorkel or swim with the dolphins. Life jackets are necessary and the captain and crews of the cruises will usually provide instructions about swimming. Just remember when you swim with the dolphins, even though they are usually tame creatures, you should never touch, pet, feed, or ride on one. This makes sure that their natural habitat is not disturbed.

So why not book your dolphin cruise today? Call or contact us for more information.