The History of Shell Island Panama City Beach

Shell Island Panama City Beach Florida is a unique experience that is unlike any other. With all its natural, untouched beauty, this place gives you the feeling of being on a beautiful deserted island. This article will provide some history of Shell Island as well as an idea of the awesome things to do and see.

Shell Island is not really an island but rather a peninsula. Shifting sand by the ocean’s currents give it the appearance of an island which adds to the experience. It has seen a rich history of native American inhabitants, foreign explorers and even pirates. Now, the island has been more cut off from the mainland to create a shipping channel from Panama City to the Gulf of Mexico.

Shell Island Panama City Beach is known for its pristine white sand and beautiful scenery. One of the reasons so many choose to visit the island each year, besides its natural beauty, is to feel at one with nature. There are no hotels on Shell Island, no restrooms, no restaurants or drinking fountains. If you decide to visit, you should be prepared to be without many amenities that you are probably used to having close by. However, being without these things is what makes Shell Island so special. The wilderness of the island gives you a sense of peace and serenity and a detachment from the hustle of daily life. It is truly a relaxing experience.

Of course, Shell Island is known for its beautiful and abundant supply of shells. You are allowed to keep any shell you find on the island as long as it does not have a creature living inside. Shell Island has thousands of different shells that are replaced by the ocean each day. Beautiful sand dollars and even large conch shells can be part of the memories you take home from your Shell Island visit.

Perhaps the most beautiful and intriguing part of the Shell Island visit is the wild bottlenose dolphins that inhabit the area. Every day, there are dolphin tours that take you out on the ocean to observe these magical creatures up close. The Shell Island dolphins can also be seen from the shoreline most days. If you decide to take a trip to the island, the Shell Island dolphins will be something that you and your family will not want to miss.