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Swimming With Dolphins in Panama City Florida

Swimming With Dolphins in Panama City Florida

Swimming with Dolphins is a Florida vacation dream come true. Flippers dolphin tours is waiting to make this dream a reality for you and your family! Offering both Jet Ski and Boat Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours, Flippers is ready to create a memory of a lifetime for you! Flippers and its Jet Ski Dolphin Tour or Boat Panama City Beach Dolphin Tour, wants you to have a fantastic time and does everything to assure that happens. Our smaller tour groups allow for more hands-on guidance as you enter the Dolphin’s world.

Traveling to Shell island, your intimate group of no more than six at a time, will be transported to the unique areas around the island where the Bottlenose Dolphins hunt for food. Fun and curious these playful sea mammals happily let you get close. Are you studying them or are they studying you?

The best thing about the Jet-Ski Dolphin Tour and Panama City Beach Dolphin Tour is that the Dolphins you encounter will be in their wild habitat. Dolphins in captivity can, from the stress of being taken out of their natural environment, show signs of illness and anger. Swimming with wild Dolphins however is safe for both you and the Dolphin. After all, they are free to come and go as they please which reduces any feeling of stress for the animal.

The Dolphins are free in nature, and Flipper’s takes great care to keep their world in balance. Besides keeping to small group sizes, there is also a big thumbs down on trying to feed them. Dolphin’s can feed themselves, there is no reason for human intervention with a healthy Dolphin. Safety is also a key concern. There are life jackets for all onboard and no reports of any human ever being injured by a dolphin. What you do get to do and see is a chance at an amazing experience, to see the beauty and fragility of nature, and to have a little swim with a Dolphin.